Social Media Engagement

I have found the experience of using social media whilst researching subjects around journalism to be particularly useful. As my specific interests have focussed around women’s rights and the Arab Spring, I have found that following Arab women’s liberation movements, Facebook and Twitter pages has given me access to some hugely interesting information and insightful personal accounts.

In using these methods of information gathering I have discovered the importance of social media to journalism and how it provides an international platform for communication. The opportunity to communicate directly with people who have been affected and have participated in such news events, online, is a valuable resource for journalism.

The experience of blogging provides both an important opportunity to develop writing skills and to receive feedback, identifying particular strengths and weaknesses to focus on. The blog also enables communication with peers relating to specific topics that have been blogged about; this enables the opportunity to share further information that may be of interest, to debate these topics and to gain different insights and perspectives.

My previous engagement with Twitter was minimal due to me not realising its significance to journalism and sharing information. I now intend to continue to make regular use of it both to share and gather information.

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