Experience Required

As my uni course draws to an end and I finish off these last few assignments, I step out in to the ‘real world’ with thousands of other soon to be graduates in the search of a job.

Whilst the daunting prospect of competing in the media industry, aiming for a career in journalism, feels intimidating, here are some tips and advice I’ve come across in my search so far…

It’s no secret that experience is a hugely valuable asset, in any industry, but this does not necessarily mean that those with less than so many years of working in the industry, need not apply. Whilst internships and work placements have with some, gotten a bad reputation, they are more often than not a lot more than making the tea. Speaking to other students I’ve often sensed negative feelings towards internships that has led to them approaching placements with caution and cynicism. Of course it is important to really know the company or organisation that you are applying to work for before you jump in, but at the same time, placements should also be met with optimism. Certain organisations, such as the BBC offer placement students a variety of training courses to develop them professionally as well in the specific skills required of the role.

Whilst interning with the British Red Cross I was able to complete several training courses which provided me with transferable skills which could be applied to any industry such as team work and problem solving. One thing that I do feel regretful about is not making the most of the different media opportunities available at university whilst studying. Through spending a lot of time being indecisive about what I really wanted to do, I decided to focus a lot of my attention on volunteering, even though the opportunities were there to get involved with the university newspaper or magazine. This would have given me valuable experience and also shown my desire to work within the media industry to future employers, had I made the most of them.

I now intend to continue to develop my skills and experience through completing further internships as I apply for jobs.

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